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ORCHESTRAL WORKS                          BIOGRAPHY 
Mirror of life d
    Music for solo violin and orchestra
(oktober 2019)
    Fragment (Miroir de la vie/Spiegel des Lebens)
    Under development

Poema per Cultura d
For orchestra
(november 2013)
Arizona pro Arte

Part I, II & III
Poema per Archi (Melè) d
For String orchestra (1982)
Music for Orchestra d
Zeeland voor Strijkers d 
(Zealand for strings - Scaldis project 2020)

Includes Fuga for strings 1976  


   F1 d                                                             *     *       
   Entrada del emperador sin ropa d
    For 2 trumpets, trombone and French horn
    Revised 22-11-2019. Original version 1982
   O Grusti d
     30 variations on an archaic theme for string quartet
     Inspired by The TESLA String Quartet - Call for scores 2019 (april 2019)
String quartet nr. I
String quartet nr. II d
String quartet nr. III d   vi
Stringquartet nr. III (1991)

String quartet nr. IV 
A bug's end d
For string quartet dedicated to Passione Quartet; Bukarest (March 2014)

l'Armoire du Combat d
Inspired by the Deviant Septet (Brooklyn NY); (february/march 2015)
Very Short vi 
David Souza (tenor) - Anoush Moazenni (Grand piano)
Manhattan NYC 23-02-2014

Poema per Arpa d
Part I, II & III
(inspired by Remy van Kesteren: january 2013)

Authismatism d
For Guitar Quartet
Dance of Kali d
Dedicated to duoKYaria Dance! (may 25 2016)
Healing song d
Pamela Sklarr (bassflute) - Suzanne Mueller (Violoncello)
Premièred 2014 - 2015: Manhattan NYC
Poema per Quintetto di Ancia d
Inspired by Akropolis Reed Quintet (january 2013)
DeDao d
For small and adult children
Inspired by: Zhuang Zi; De volledige geschriften
Het grote klassieke boek van het taoïsme
Narrator, grand piano, harpsichord, concertflute, clarinet, oboe, trumpet, double-bass, contrabassoon, percussion, wind machine
Tenebrous d
For concertflute, viola and double bass (october 2014)
Dedicated to Bateira ensemble
Shh-ti-flisss d
Marimba, harpsichord, concertflute and soprano (july 2014)
Senza Misura vi
Playing the building of Cultura - Ede (2005)

Eternal transition d
Tenor, grand piano, viola, violoncello, double bass and bassoon
Lyrics by Peter Davidson | University of St. Andrews (March 2014)
About a minute in the garden of hours d
Grand piano, concertflute and viola (october 2013)
Dedicated to Sophia Yan (Piano), Izumi Nikaido (flute) and William Lane (viola); Hongkong

Opperlanders Opgelet d

(For Mezzo-soprano and harpsichord: january 2013)
Dialogue for a bassoon vi
Dedicated to Devon Tipp (Yasamune Toyotomi)/Bassoonist/Composer (1991)
One of the fifteen winning pieces in The Composer's Voice concert
Saturday, May 9, 2015 in New Jersey (Montclair)

Thursday, May 21, 19.00 hrs and an encore at 20.00 hrs. New York Manhattan
Poema per Fazioli (Amplificato) d
Solo for Grand piano (2008)

Momentum vi
For Grand piano. Dedicated to and performed by pianist-composer Hayk Arsenyan; Première
The Brand Library & Art Center, 1601 W. Mountain St.Glendale. Second performance on May 3 (sunday) 13.00 hrs at East 74th Street, New York,
Poema per Tuba d
(inspired by Perry Hoogendijk: march 2014)