Jean de Lière
Joop van Liere (Jean de Lière) was born in 1955 in '-Gravenpolder in the province of Zeeland (Netherlands). After years of inventing his own music and playing in bands, his talent for the double bass brought him around the age of 20 at the Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam where he studied with Hans Krul, solo double bass player of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. In 1983 he graduated as Performing Musician Classical Music. During the graduation ceremony, he was asked to accept a position as double bassteacher at the Improvising Musician department of the same conservatory.

Two years earlier, in 1982, he had already been appointed as a tutti- (de facto replacing first and solo double bass player) in the Noordhollands Philharmonic Orchestra (NPO) in Haarlem, after which he also continued to perform in various orchestras and ensembles. For approximately 10 years he stayed in both positions.

In addition, he continued to compose with an occasional performance of his work. As an orchestral musician, he received new input every day for his passion for composing and orchestrating his music. As a result of political development, the repertoire of the NPO changed from the 'iron' repertoire to contemporary music for orchestral and ensemble instrumentation. A daily immersion in the global range of intellectual music.

Around the age of 18, his personal way in music took shape thanks to conversations with people like John Cage, Brian Ferneyhough and Yannis Xenakis during the legendary New Music Festival that attracted international attention every year in Zealand. His 'Archifonie' Senza Misura - which had its worldpremiere in 2005 - is a clear nod to the spirit of the Festival of New Music from his early years in Zeeland.

In Senza Misura, 14 musicians (Orkest Ereprijs) play the building and furnishing materials that make up the Cultura art and culture center in Ede. "The building sings!" Senza Misura (lighting advice Peter te Nuyl) was the somewhat delayed opening activity of the new art and culture center Cultura in Ede, where van Liere also worked as managing director and boardmember. Subsequently as organizational consultant, innovator, projectmanager and fundraiser. During this period, his advice was followed to bring top urban ensembles such as Amsterdam Sinfonietta, the Netherlands Wind Ensemble, the Nederlands Kamerkoor etc. to Ede for concerts in the Culturaconcerthall. In 2007 van Liere made 12 hours of music for 'Sub Rosa' (production: Peter te Nuyl), a theatrical walk through Cultura in Ede. 

Several times van Liere was one of the winners in the Composer's voice series '15 minutes on fame'. For example with 'Very Short' for Tenor and piano - David Souza (tenor) - Anoush Moazenni (Grand piano), Manhattan 2014, 'Healing song' for Bassflute and Violoncello - Pamela Sklarr (bassflute) - Suzanne Mueller (Violoncello), Manhattan 2015, 'Momentum' for solo piano - Hayk Arsenyan, New York 2015 and 'Dialogue for a bassoon' - Devon Tipp (Yasamune Toyotomi) (Bassoon), New York 2015. For this series abroad his pseudoniem Jean de Lière was introduced.