Jean de Lière (1955), born in the south of the Netherlands (Zeeland),
received his first lessons in 'soundpainting' from the Italian composer/double bassplayer Fernando Grillo

In the summer of 1979 he attended composition lessons with the Argentina composer Norberto Chavarri,
a few years later followed by lessons with the Dutch composer Tristan Keuris

Untill 1990 de Lière worked as a double bassplayer in Dutch symphony-orchestra's and ensembles

On the occasion of his final examination (classical double bass - performing musician 1983) in the Amsterdam conservatory
he was asked to become double bass professor in the Improvised Music department of the Amsterdam conservatory

In 1990 he decided to end his performing and teaching career to study law
From 1993 till 2003 he was director of artcenter Cultura-Ede
 Since 2004 he has been strategic and artistic policy advisor in Cultura-Ede